The Oakland Youth Story Bank features the stories of students who have been part of Linked Learning, a program that provides local young people with hands-on opportunities to learn about healthcare careers, improves their academic accomplishments, and steers them onto a path toward a brighter future.

Stunning photographic and artistic portraits are accompanied by the students’ own words on the impact their Linked Learning experiences have had on their lives as well as their hopes and ideas for their potential careers.

The Story Bank was an exceptionally rewarding project for colectivo. It showed our team’s strengths and was a terrific example of why I brought together these creative people—to be a collective, partnering to boost inspiring projects and improve our communities.

This project also gave us a chance to partner with talented social media influencers to further spread the word about Linked Learning’s opportunities for Oakland youth. Influencers like Berkeley’s Noa Taieb, who has more than 30,000 YouTube followers and whose video showcasing Linked Learning student Carlos has been viewed more than 100,000 times. “It’s hard to study and learn in a violent community, but it also a way for you to work harder,” Carlos tells Noa in the video. “Once you succeed, you want to come back and help your community. … If I become a doctor I want to set up a clinic here and just help the kids out.”