Alaiyana Phaisan-Yem


When I was a kid, I thought I was a superhero, so I jumped off the couch—and broke my arm. I had X-rays and that got me interested in radiology. When my mom was pregnant and had ultrasound, you could actually see the baby inside and how it was growing.

MIMS helped open the path into radiology. I learned about all the bones in your body and telling people what bone they broke. Now, MIMS is helping me get into Kaiser’s radiology program.

In a few years, I see myself working in radiology in a hospital, helping people. I care a lot about other people even if I don’t know them. I’m moving on to another chapter of my life, but I’m kind of scared—all the growing up.

I want to travel too, after I get to start off my career in a few years, and take a little break and travel. My parents are from Thailand and lived in Cambodia. Maybe I will travel there, and then come back to radiology and then start a family.