Emily Ye


In the past, my interest in healthcare was sparked by Googling and watching videos on YouTube. Finding out about HCSA was perfect for me.

I spent about three weeks interning at a private company for people without access to mental healthcare. Every morning we would go to one of their sites and social workers, who are medical workers, would be handing out Band-Aids, drugs, ointments, condoms, food, and money that the government provides to help the homeless. It opened my mind to the possibilities of careers.

As I get older, I am really fascinated with babies’ and kids’ growth and development—how they come from an egg and a sperm to become a human being. And I can administer birth control and things that are really good for women. I can see myself as someone who can empower women. It is good for women to support each other.

I realize how many people are going through some trauma process, and all of the things that could have been done to help them instead of saying, “Oh my God, are you okay? I’m so sorry that happened to you.”