Jazzmyn Silky Palmer


My older sister is 18 and I am 17. She just graduated last year, and we kind of find ourselves against the world. We basically live off whatever we have together. We found an outlet doing hair and makeup to make us feel better while helping our friends. We get out our emotions when doing somebody’s hair—we can be laughing, playing, listening to music, just a whole different vibe.

If people teach me, I can give back. I just don’t know how to put it out there with my emotions, but this school, Dewey, helps me figure it out. MIMS taught me how to get a GED to be successful. When it is more hands-on like the MIMS class, it gets in your brain and it stays longer.

The person I am going to be working with in MIMS works with cancer patients. I had a grandfather that just passed away from cancer. He was awesome. I really feel like I can help people with cancer through makeup and cosmetology. It can make you feel better about anything. If you can combine things like that, you can help people live longer and have different minds about themselves.

I feel like everybody has problems and emotions they can’t explain. I’m just doing my eyebrows and they are lined up good, I’m just thinking about the world and I think, the future will be okay.