Kevin Phan


I’d like to expand my horizons, get out of my comfort zone, come out of my shell and help others.

The HESA program focused on the behind-the-scenes for the Oakland community and how some people who are in poverty might not have the best health care. It is cool ‘cause it is connecting a medical field tied to my community.

There’s misconceptions about the healthcare system being too expensive. One day we saw a documentary where the Highland ER was jam-packed with people from local communities going in for minor injuries. They thought that was the only way to get help.

I was a part of the EMS Corps program that helped prisoners and juvenile delinquents by teaching them first-aid skills. We took back our community and created a cool bond, coming from a low position as a student to being so important in someone else’s life.

I saw people hurt, or I got hurt. I wanted to change that and be that person people can rely on—the one that can change another person’s life. It clicked inside me that that’s what I really want to do. After the internship, I thought, I am more open and social. It is more fun than being by yourself and sheltered. I want to work with people like me.