Terrin Flores


During most of high school, I was a big goofball. Then something just clicked in my head and said what I need to get done. I am now focused and really close to graduating.

I do a lot of sports and weight training. I have had a lot of injuries: sprained ankles, broken fingers, and a head injury from playing baseball. I had a big skateboarding accident, hurt my foot, and when I put pressure on it, I would collapse. I felt really hopeless. Doing physical therapy taught me how to walk again, encouraged me to keep moving, and helped me understand that this isn’t the end of the world.

MIMS kick-started me and gave me a plan of what I want to do, to get into physical therapy or personal training, and tied it to my education. Before that, I felt kind of lost. Now I would like to guide people to health.

I was a star in the MIMS class because I had the mind-set of what I wanted to do, and I’m a really quick learner so I could be helpful. Now I am a leader. People look up to me and ask me for help. I keep myself on track so that I can help others stay on track.