“The greatest gift is experience—testing out new things while you’re young. I advocate for myself, ask questions, lots of questions.”

Amal Sharif


My teacher encourages us to explore new career fields. You can’t just get in the hospital and walk around. Through HEAL, I could see what’s inside, what’s really happening in the hospital. I see shows like Grey’s Anatomy and all this drama, but it’s more; it’s people.

I discovered varieties of radiology that could detect anything and I saw new machines that I never knew existed. Working here has opened my eyes. People are in need and want help. This is real life. I want to bring them peace.

My mom is a great example for me. She has the education to be a medical assistant and my auntie is working to become a doctor. My mom is strong, independent, and hard-working. She raised me by herself.

She is very proud of me balancing school and the program. I was taught that I am a powerful woman, and the program has given me more confidence.

I advocate for myself, ask questions, lots of questions, and people really like this about me.